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Important life decisions must be made when drafting a Last Will & Testament. Who will be the executor of your estate? Who will be the guardian of your children? Do you need to set up a trust to avoid losing a large portion of your estate to the government in taxes? If so, who should be designated as the trustee? These questions, although overwhelming when first asked, are easily answered after speaking with one of our attorneys.

fter meeting with one of our attorneys and answering a few questions you will leave our office feeling confident and empowered with the knowledge as to exactly how your estate will be handled upon your passing. The Gailey Law Firm, LLC also has vast experience in Probating Estates. Furthermore, we can provide you with a Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney to ensure that you are able to decide, should the need arise, the extent of your future medical treatment.

Attorneys at The Gailey Law Firm, LLC are here to serve all of your Probate, Will, and Estate needs.
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